Westshine Dried Orange

How to Use:
Westshine Dried orange can be added to baking recipes, or chop up to use in homemade ice cream and gelato, chocolate and confectionery.Use these sweet slices to decorate cakes and desserts, or to brighten up a cheese platter.

Today, the family got together for Christmas, the fires are cracking, the festive aromas, the music, the food, the warm lights sparkling are the beautiful moments created by the memories of Christmas. The smell of oranges, from the dry oranges of westshine hung with led lights all over the house. There seems to be no better reason to start the new year than the smell of oranges! Hanging your dried oranges in front of a light really makes them shine – when you drill a small hole in the top of each orange and run it with strings. Christmas begins!

There is no wrong way to make a wreath and the options are endless. Making a seasonal magnificent apartment to greet guests at the door or cheerfully hang from a window, you can have a beautiful design by using easy techniques to decorate your Christmas. Westhine dired orange and dried persimmon for your own personal design that you can customize to perfectly complement your home Christmas theme.
Simple, stylish and signature.

Turkey with Orange:
Take the turkey on the tray
In a deep bowl, mix the oil, grated 4 garlic and the spices you want
Brush the whole sauce inside and outside the turkey
Throw Westshine sliced ​​oranges into the turkey
Divide the remaining 2 garlic in half and add it
Put the turkey in the oven bag and close the bag and make 2-3 holes on it with a knife. Bake in 180 preheated oven for 2.5-3 hours.