We Wish Everyone a Healthy Returning to Their Office

The world has gone through an unexpected experience this winter. We have found ourselves in a working place that we have never experienced before. However, before this pandemic period, we all wished working from home. Maybe It was just a dream for all of us. If somebody suggested  us and said ‘’You won’t go to your office to work for 3 months. You will all be working from home videoconferencing with your pijamas and a shirt; we are working from home from now on!’’, we would probably think that person has gone crazy. We wouldn’t believe it at all. Whereas, what we assumed as impossible has become true; the couch in the livingroom and the dinner table where we ate with our guests have become our Office.  While we were curious about the comfort of working from home, we found ourselves missing the environment of our Office. While working and eating dried strawberries, we  realized how we missed having coffee breaks with our colleagues. We were glad to get rid of the daily traffic as the roadtrip from our bedroom to our ‘’office’’ took only 10 seconds apart from the times we stop by the kitchen to eat some dried fruits which made our trip 5 seconds longer. The coffetable that we use nomore has become a laptop stand; the pillows we use on our couch has become a seat lumbar support ,and the old jumpers that we bought years ago has become our uniform. An essential part of bussines life, meetings has started to be done online. We all downloaded the online meeting applications that we never heard of before and did all those meetings with our kids’ voices also doing an online class or trying to get some attention; the barking of the dog wanting to play or go outside or kids trying to show their new toy…

Now it’s time to get back to the office.

Working from home for months and going back to our offices…It wasn’t easy, wasn’t it? How can we get used to it?

There were hard times when we feel suffocated from loneliness. There were other times when we felt the comfort of working from home. We worked with all those mixed feelings. And now it’s time to go back to the office! We not only feel glad to start to the ‘’normalization process’’ but we also feel stressed about getting used to working at the office again. How can we get accustomed to the office after quarantine?

Carry a thing from your home.

We will definitely miss our home. We will miss our coffee mug which suits best, and our dog trying to play with us while we are working.

We can bring some stuff that will remind us those days and make us feel relaxed. The pillow that we use to support our bag, our favourite coffee or the healthy dried fruit snacks that we see just like a flowerpot whenever we remove our eyes from our monitor. Ofcourse we should leave our dog at home as none of the people at the office are ready to see our dog ‘’Tequila’’ at the office.

While we used to think that we cannot concentrate working outside the office, we got used to working with the opening sound of Netflix or the sound of a crying baby coming from the neighbour’s flat. This time the sound of our colleagues using keyboard or the telephone sounds will distract us. Working with headphones may help us gradually overcome this process. Should we record the neighbour’s voice or the opening sound of Netflix to get accustomed to the process?

Should we stock our drawers with healthy snacks of dried fruits consisting of dried strawberrie, banana or apple packages. We immediatelly need an ‘Office Mix’.

With our favourite dried fruit packages, coffee that we can’t get sober without, our dog’s squeaky play ball, our ‘’while working’’spotify playlist and our healthy snacks within our reach while we are working, we can make our office desk loveable again.

While adapting our daily schedule according to new world situation, trying to comply with the ‘’new normals’’ and feeling nervous because of  the last minute changes in our planned meetings , all we need to do is to eat a handful of dried strawberry to calm down and relax.

Don’t forget that you are not alone. The world is looking for new ways to cope with the same challanges. Orienting may take some time but people tend to orient in every situation, don’t they? We all miss socialising even if we have to do it in distance. Our life and dogs at home will sure miss us but who knows? Maybe they are celebrating our departure from home. We wish everyone a healthy returning to their office.

Cahide Fenli Akman