How should dried fruits be consumed?

One of the most delicious ways to naturally meet your sweet and sugar needs is dried fruits. Since they are dried, the water inside evaporates and the pulp and sugary part is felt more intensely. Dried apricots, prunes, dried figs, raisins, dried dates, dried blueberries, dried mulberries and many fruits are available today. They all have many different benefits. For this reason, it is best to use other options occasionally instead of staying fixed on one. Dried fruits are easy to transport. It can be stored in a sealed bag in a bag at work, during a trip or by students going to school, and can be easily consumed at snack time. It can be used in milk desserts to meet the sweet needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Thus, instead of using white sugar, it would be a healthier choice to make use of natural sugar in dried fruit. People in the period of weight loss can stay full for a long time with a portion of dried fruit they consume in addition to semi-skimmed milk or light yogurt during snacks. Another alternative that can go alongside dried fruits is dried nuts. For example, during family time in the evenings, a stylish plate with dried fruits and nuts can be prepared, and the whole family can have the chance to make snacks together. Dried fruits are rich in minerals. It strengthens the nervous system and immune system and is good for bloodless and weak people. Besides many other benefits, it has more calories due to its high sugar content. Serious energy can be taken if the amount of consumption is not taken into account. Since a healthy food does not mean that it can be consumed without limits, attention should be paid to the amount of 1 portion at a time in the consumption of dried fruit. People who have stomach problems such as indigestion should not consume them immediately after eating, as fruits consumed immediately after main meals may ferment in the stomach. Consuming it 2 hours after the main meal will solve the problem of the person suffering from indigestion.