Fresh fruit or dried fruit is more useful?

Are dried fruits harmful? Are dried fruits useful? How should fresh fruits be consumed? Are fresh fruits harmful? Do you prefer dried fruit or fresh fruit?

Recently, both herbalists and businesses selling legumes have started selling different dried fruits. So why are these fruits so preferred? For years, we have been boiling dried fruits and drinking them as compote. The number of people who eat dried fruit is very rare. The history of dried fruits goes back millions of years. People have developed such a method to transport food to different seasons. This method is used frequently and still, especially in the inner parts of our country. In addition, the drying systems, which have recently developed with technology, can preserve the fruit with all its benefits without damaging and killing it. The fiber, vitamins and minerals contained in fruits are an incredible food for the body. Also, eating these fruits in dried form means extra vitamins. Because there is almost no sugar in the dried fruit. By preserving everything else, it comes to a vitamin and mineral store in itself. In this way, diabetes patients can also consume. Vitamins and minerals accumulated in dried fruits turn into phytochemistry as a supporter of phytotherapy, a natural solution. You should definitely consume dried fruits with high polyphenol content, which are rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, and when you get sick, you should choose the one that is suitable for your own body and use it for treatment. Therefore, consuming dried fruit-compared to aged fruit- is higher and healthier in terms of benefit coefficient.