Chocolate Dipped Dried Pear


Chocolate Dipped Dried Pear 160 Grams 5,64 oz.
Dimensions: 5,2 Inch x 8 Inch x 1,4 Inch

(Chocolate Dipped Dried Pear ) WestShine Belgian Chocolate Pear Slices, Chocolate Dipped Dried Pear Chips. Now, with West Shine touch, it is with famous Belgian Chocolate flavor that Chocolate lovers world wide know.

Chocolate Dipped Dried Pear 160 Grams 5,64 oz.
Dimensions: 5,2 Inch x 8 Inch x 1,4 Inch

Delicious snacks for you! Wherever and whenever you wish. At Home, at Office or at school…
🔶 As a unique gift at wedding ceremonies, thematic organizations.
🔶 As a different gift options at Birthday parties, Baby showers.
🔶 As a reward and motivator for children at school instead of candies.
🔶 As a promotion for companies.
🔶 In all openings, conferences and meetings.
🔶 As a special gift for anniversaries.

Moreover, you can use our Chocolate snacks as cookie ingredients, cocktails, in granolas or as a decoration element … It is completely in your hands to show your creativity with Westshine products.

✔️ Vegan
✔️ Gluten-free
✔️ Belgium Chocalate
✔️ Natural Fiber Source


Drying the fruits naturally is a traditional and long-term storage method. It should be stored in a cool – dry place and consumed within 6 months after opening its package. You can store it for 2 years without opening the package. If the specified periods are exceeded, there will be no problem in terms of healthy consumption. However, its color and aroma may vary.

We use Eco-friendly packaging which is a form of environment – friendly material that is healthy and balanced for both people and nature, often from reusable or recycled content. It produces little to no ecological pollution.

Our company modernizes the method of drying which has been used by humankind for centuries. The story is sprouted in the geography of Laodicea and Hierapolis, which was established thousands of years ago on the banks of the Lykos river, overlooking the world-famous fertile lands of Pamukkale where trade took shape in ancient times and healing waters flowed. It provides the most natural and unadulterated fruit from the fertile plains of the Aegean by finding the most reliable farmers of the Aegean, without compromising their naturalness and preserving the vitamin values in their content, they diversify them according to your lifestyle by drying them with special technique with zero-touch.


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