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About Us

It is believed that you are what you eat. Every piece you eat, every drop you drink shapes your image, health, psychology and even your existence.

So what do you prefer to be ?

This Question is answered thanks to our delicious and healthy products.
Let’s view our firm in detail.
Westshine was founded by Zafer Batmaz who is an executive in an international company, travelling frequently as a businessman. Mehmet Çakmak on the other hand is an owner of a business that has been operating in the food and beverage sector for many years. The third partner is a bussineswoman, Cahide Fenli AKman, who is an agricultural engineer, entrepreneur businesswoman, a mother of 2 children, is conscious about the natural nutrition of her children.

What does Westshine do?

Our company modernizes the method of drying which has been used by humankind for centuries. The story is sprouted in the geography of Laodicea and Hierapolis, which was established thousands of years ago on the banks of the Lykos river, overlooking the world-famous fertile lands of Pamukkale where trade took shape in ancient times and healing waters flowed. It provides the most natural and unadulterated fruit from the fertile plains of the Aegean by finding the most reliable farmers of the Aegean, without compromising their naturalness and preserving the vitamin values in their content, they diversify them according to your lifestyle by drying them with special technique with zero-touch.

For whom is it for?

It appeals to eveybody from children to pregnant women.
From sport loversor businessmen to baristas.
Our balanced, nutritious and delicious dried fruits are diversified according to different diets and necessities. Moreover, they contain no sweetener, added sugar or preservative substances.
In today’s world, where we need clean food, ethical, sustainable, environmentally sensitive producers and production methods, in a time that we fight with chronic diseases and obesity, Westshine brings taste and health to your door with a single click.

Where to use ?

In your snacks, herbal teas, meals, bread, cake, as cookie ingredients, cocktails, in granola or as a decoration element … It is completely in your hands to show your creativity with Westshine products. what we can promise is health and taste in every bite.